Thursday, January 05, 2006

Early reports of Rambus victory

Mercury News dot com headlines its blurb:

Rambus patent suit vs. Hynix can proceed

. . . reports in part:

Ken Nissly, a lawyer for Hynix, didn't immediately return a call seeking comment from Bloomberg News. Park Hyun, a Hynix spokesman in Seoul, said he couldn't immediately comment.
Will now, isn't that surprising.

Read the short article at linked here.

Hat tip to FinzToRite for the link.


Forbes reports in part:

Following a three week hearing in October, Whyte's 42-page ruling now allows Rambus to now take its claims against Hynix to trial in March. “We are pleased with this ruling and look forward to proceeding to the patent phase of our case,” said Linda Ashmore, a spokeswoman for Rambus.
Read the Forbes article linked here.

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