Tuesday, January 17, 2006

IdahoStatesman.com notes RMBS v. MU

Not much new from potato land, except, well Rambus, those pesky fruit fly-like nerds from California have filed yet another lawsuit against all that is good - Micron.

In what could be a straight guy's lead in, it is reported:

If Rambus wins the lawsuit, analysts have predicted that Micron, Idaho's largest private employer, could end up paying millions of dollars in royalties.
Whether or not that is funny, depends on who peels your potato.

The reader can almost hear the writer's giggles when reading:

Rambus claims it fell victim to a group of conspiring memory chip firms that drove its technology out of the mainstream industry.
No mention of the fact that Micron is "cooperating" with a federal investigation on DRAM price fixing, which cooperation is hoped* to keep top Micron executives out of the slammer.

*Disclosure. Any Donkey is not a member of that prayer band.

Read the IdahoStatesman.com linked here.

Hat tip to Joe for the link.

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