Friday, January 06, 2006

Hager adjusts portfolio

Yesterday, I noted that Fred Hager had alerted his readers to the fact that on Wednesday he adjusted a couple portfolios and purchased Rambus leaps. Nice call Mr. Hager.

Mr. Hager, wanting to ensure his model portfolio results are obtainable by his readers - if they follow along - adjusted the carrying value (on paper).

We performed the transaction this way in order to establish the end of day close for Portfolios C and D. However, the ruling has made a huge difference in the way you were able to perform the transaction, so we are modifying the purchase prices to reflect the price of the Leaps at the open of today's trading.

We still favor all the transactions and simply wish to make sure that the performance in the portfolios is consistent with what you were able to do as well.
Hat tip to Mr. Hager. You could have easily taken the paper profit and padded your stats.

Mr. Hager's site linked here.

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