Friday, December 23, 2005

Worldwide press for Judge Whyte (update)

The BBC News has picked up the video game story and notes:

The push for national laws on the sale of adult-themed games to children is being spearheaded by Senator Hillary Clinton who believes that the computer game industry's self-rating system was not working.

Read the bbcnews linked here.

Tahlequah Daily Press picks up the AP story linked here.

Update 1

The legitreviews linked here reminds its readers that when Hillary Clinton runs for president, she will lead the charge against gamers . . .

Technewsworld chimes in with

Supporters of the limitations say the situation is similar to the early days in the fight to limit smoking among minors, with evidence of the link between smoking and lung cancer emerging over time, but others say the lack of hard evidence that games can cause violent behavior is a stumbling block.

Read the technewsworld piece linked here.

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