Friday, December 23, 2005

Reaction to Judge Whyte's preliminary injunction re: CA video game law

The game industry gives His Honor a "high five" in response to preliminary injunction staying California's law that was to restrict the sale and rental of violent video games to minors and included strict labeling laws that was to become effective January 1, 2006.

We are, of course, unsurprised by Judge Whyte's decision to enjoin the law and pleased that his decision came before the holidays were upon us.
Ramboids are hoping for a present from Judge Whyte before the holidays close as well . . .

It is unfortunate that politicians have chosen not to respect the will of the courts and of the people, and it is our continued hope that they will now, given the extraordinary amount of precedent, choose to instead work proactively with us.
Now that could be describing the FTC . . .

Read accolades for Judge Whyte at linked here.

Read a report published in Wyoming's casperstartribune linked here

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Empiricum said...

The canned CA video game law is another illustration of politics over law. Whoever the players in California politics are, it seems like Richard Dreier, the handler of Ah-nuld, is prevailing over the legal team. Or, are Ah-nuld's lawyers really that naive and ignorant? Even a freshman law student will readily notice that such kind of law as written will not stand constitutional muster!

Like the Terri Schiavo midnight legislation sponsored by Rick Santorum and Bill Frist and signed into "law" by George W. Bush, and later rightfully declared unconstitutional, this CA video game law is nothing but a political ploy to appease the conservative base of Ah-nuld at the advice of his handlers. Aside from vague and overbroad, and violative of the first amendment, there is also a potential enforcement problem. With the increasing number of "Amber Alerts," it seems like law enforcement is even having a problem protecting these minors from rapists and molesters... even the registered ones!

It's sad to note that minors are now being used as political pawns under the guise of "protecting" them utterly disregarding established constitutional principles.

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