Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is Rambus Song of the Day?

This question was asked by poster (arentfrew) on the RMBS IV board.

FinzToRite responded privately to arentfrew and shared his response which is copied below (with a couple minor edits):

The RSOTD is a daily (most of the time) e-mail that goes out to a group of 5 individuals that have been RMBS investors for at least ten years (as I have been). It started as a way to share some music, but became a means for us to vent our frustrations regarding the "slow motion abortion" known as a Rambus investment.

The rules for the RSOTD were set on the first day -- no one expected it to be going on for more than four years now, but Whyte decided to stick his thumb up his a**, or got paid off, and Kramer "never delays a case once a date is set". Of course, Rambus Management has been totally incompetent, and oblivious to shareholders, throughout.

The RSOTD has to be a song that I hear in the previous 24 hours on my iPod or iTunes if listening through my primary computer. Once it is used, it can never be used again. The growing RSOTD list (now 1285 songs) is tracked as a playlist in iTunes.

Our little group came to know each other via interactions on the various Rambus boards on the Internet through the years. We are scattered from coast to coast. One of the group began posting the RSOTD on his personal blog -- he doesn't post every one. That's what you are likely seeing in your searches. I get them, from time to time, in my Google alerts about Rambus.

My biggest fear is that I run out of songs before we get 10% of the return pumped by the "Rambus Experts". You know who they are -- the ones that get 200 recs on a post even though they've never been right about anything. There are, currently, 13,800 songs on the iPod (primarily blues and music from the best years of music -- 1965-1975). What passes for the majority of "music" lately is a joke (just my opinion).

I despise my RMBS investment and people ask why I hold on. I hold on because you just know it goes to $60 ten minutes after I sell out after having held it for more than ten years.

Hopefully, that answers your question and good luck to you!



Robert Logan said...

As one of the five receiving the RSOTD email, I have learned a great deal about "the best years of music" as the author of RSOTD often augments the email with factoids about the musician, group, history of the song or when he saw the tune performed in person.

Those tidbits are not posted at Treowth as FTR specifically directs that portion of the email is "for Mo's only" [each recipient is a Mo - I being FoMo as the Mo from Folsom.] The other three recipients often chime in as they collectively valiantly attempt to educate me.

It was recently reported by a member of the Rambus Free Press that Judge Kramer stated that he does not read the Folsom blog. That is truly his loss as the collection of album covers posted as part of the RSOTD over the years is worth the daily click.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it Kramer wants to read Treowth, but he keeps delaying himself.


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