Friday, March 12, 2010

Rambus Inc. Song of the Day (1225) - Backdated

Take your pick:

-- Most pathetic management team (Rambus)
-- Most shareholder-unfriendly management team (Rambus)
-- Most pathetic patent judge (Whyte or Kramer)
-- Most likely judge to deny justice by delaying justice (Whyte or Kramer)
-- Longest patent trial on record (and not even close to being resolved)
-- Most incorrect calls by a stock-supporting group (that lovable Cabo Crew)
-- Most incorrectly predicted "Perfect Storms" (Nuke John)

Just a few of the ways Rambus shareholders are .......

"Tasting History" by Al Stewart (2000)
Down in the Cellar

Submitted by FinzToRite

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