Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rambus Inc. Song of the Day (1181)

We've seen the Samsung settlement and good news from the ITC, but am I wrong to say it's a crushing disappointment to be sitting south of 25th Street ??

All the while, Kramer seems to be trying to elevate himself to the level of laziness, indifference, and possible incompetence of Payne, Whyte and Robinson ??

He now has to figure out "how long the trial would be" and, what do you call someone says, "Once I set a trial date, it never gets delayed" ,... and ..... then it gets delayed twice.

However, imagine how the Cabo Crew is feeling. They told us we'd be celebrating there almost ten years ago. I'm thinking they left out a very important point. They didn't tell us they were going there via ......

"The Long Way" by Albert Cummings (2003)
From the Heart

Submitted by FinzToRite

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