Monday, December 07, 2009

Rambus Inc. Song of the Day (1145) - Backdated

Rambus Managemenmt (RM) sucking big time for more than ten years?
Rambus Management being crooked?
The FTC appearing as if it had been bought?
TomBeingOnTheBus, but TomNeverGettingAnythingRightAboutTheBus?
NukeJohn being as good a weather forecaster as RM supports shareholders?
Fact Finder Bob seeming to be on the take?
Robinson seeming to be bought and paid for?
Sharon Holt continuing to get paid?
"Mr. Nancy" Hughes continuing to show he can't drive a Bus?
The sheer monotony of Monotonal Satish?
Judge "Is My Middle Name Glacier or Delay?" Whyte?
Judge "I Won't Delay The Trial" Kramer ..... but he did?

I'll stop there because that's already .....

"A Lot To Drink About" by Jimmy Buffett (2009)
Buffet Hotel

Submitted by FinzToTite

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