Monday, July 13, 2009

Donkey's mail bag

From several days ago Joe writes in response to another Mo . . .

"I predict for the 2931st day that there will be settlements tomorrow...I will call you with the news...Joe"

In a message FinzToRite writes: (I can now post this as he has returned home.)

Taking off for an anniversary dinner . . . Leaving the laptop at home.

Can someone call every time RMBS goes up $5 while I'm away?

As you know, Prufrock calls for $140 by year end Nuke John calls for $20 two weeks ago "TomIsAlwaysWronOnTheBus" says "no risk in the stock"

Therefore, I'm certain we'll be seeing it skyrocket each day now We all know how correct these Rambus Geniuses have been all along !!

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