Monday, June 15, 2009

The Shack

The negatives: The plot is simple. The dialog occasionally feels forced and the descriptions of the God figures are bothersome.

The positives: Organized religion just barely finds a seat in the back of the bus bound for heaven. The concept of why bad things happen to good people is vetted in an interesting setting. A better life in the hereafter and even in this existence is within the reach of common folk.


Brent Logan said...

I found the descriptions of the God figures to be one of the positives of the book. So often God is described as an old, bearded, white-haired man throwing lightning bolts at people. The descriptions in The Shack, though probably no more accurate than the typical stereotype, portray different aspects of God.

This seems like a good book for a study group to read and discuss. Use it as a launching pad for discussions rather than as a final authority.

Robert Logan said...

Indeed, a useful launching pad for discussion.

With regard to the God figures, I found them stereotypical - Jesus, big-nosed and God the Father, a large humorous black female. Really now. And, too much ink put into the description at several turns of God the Spirit. I was beginning to see pink elephants!

Despite these "flaws" I found The Shack to be a good read.

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