Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Joe's Rambus Inc. Links

Rambus has purchased memory-device packaging patents:

Rambus says, these newly acquired patented innovations are key enablers for achieving high manufacturing yields in System-in-Package (SiP) implementations.
Post by eng94th on the IV Rambus board: AN OPEN LETTER TO JUDGE WHYTE

You relish the reputation of being the grand patent whiz – but you live in constant fear of being overruled. Hence, the interminable delays and total lack of understanding business realities. Wake-up Whyte - settlement without a favorable Ranbus decision will just not take place.
Interview with Thomas Lavelle is senior vice president and general counsel:

Q: Do you have any pet peeves in working with outside counsel? And by contrast, are there things that you find make the relationship work well?

A: Given how much effort and energy we put into our legal bills and our relationships, I don't see any major problems. As far as pet peeves overall, I guess I'd say it's when you have multiple counsel billing you for things you didn't ask them to do. I've seen that happen too often. It's part of the difference between the in-house legal function and the outside law firm. We want low risk but as little time and energy spent as humanly possible [by outside lawyers]. One of the things that seems contrary to common sense [occurs when] I find and use a very expensive per-hour lawyer. I can spend five or 10 minutes and get a complete answer in a way I can't with a junior lawyer. On the same question I'll get a bill 10 times as high from the junior lawyer. My job is to reduce the question down to something that can be answered by a very smart, capable lawyer.

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