Monday, April 27, 2009

The end is coming?

No, forget about the Mexican Flu, aka Swine Flu - we're PC here - rather, the end of the Rambus litigation. 

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer has done what Rambus shareholders wish federal court judge Ronald Whyte would do - make a decision. 

Judge Kramer has decided that the convicted price-fixing memory manufacturers - Samsung Electronics Co., Hynix Semiconductor Inc. and unconvicted Micron Technology Inc. (Micron wasn't convicted as it cut a deal with the feds to rat out its friends) will face Rambus Inc.'s multiple billion dollar lawsuit this September. 

Judge Kramer's decision today is in response to the cartel's efforts to convince his honor to put the California trial on hold due to Judge Robinson's decision in federal court in Delaware that Rambus was naughty in its lack of care of its records in anticipation of litigation.

Now, the end is in sight. 

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