Sunday, January 11, 2009

Be careful what you wish for

There have been several passionate pleas for Judge Robinson to issue her opinion on Phase I of the Micron v. Rambus trial held in her court over a year ago on the IV Board and elsewhere. Pleas, begging, less-than-polite posts about her work ethic, etc., etc.

Well . . . Ms. Robinson spoke and it wasn't a happy moment for Rambus Inc. long investors (yours truly is one). But it did give the shorts an opportunity to cover before Judge Whyte certifies the Hynix v. Rambus three-phase trial where Rambus ran the table in identical facts to those set forth in Ms. Robinson's court.

Daily Stock Quote Notification

Rambus Inc.
Closing Price $ 11.24
Opening Price $ 18.14
Previous Close $ 18.50
Change -7.26

Last Trade Jan 9 4:14PM
Volume 35,544,300
Day Low $ 10.25
Day High $ 18.65

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