Thursday, November 13, 2008

Verizon Wireless, service with a smile

After several calls to customer service, trips to the local Sprint store and more hours and frustration than I care to remember, I dumped Sprint. Why? Month after month I was charged for services I did not order and I was told were blocked from my account - per my request. Repeatedly, promises by Sprint employees were made that were not kept. I was a four phone account for more than six years. 

Fast forward. Now with Verizon, I am generally a happy customer. In less than a year, my daughter has had her phone replaced twice without a fuss or even a raised eyebrow. Yes, I pay for insurance. I did while with Sprint and suffered scorn when attempting to obtain simple repair service - not replacement.

I am only "generally a happy customer" because Verizon doesn't offer the iPhone and I would love to try it out . . . 


Wireless Services said...

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Adam said...

hehe. Let me know if you want to try out an iPhone!

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