Friday, November 14, 2008

The doctor is waiting

Simply written, the Republicans choked. W had the country behind him following 9/11. The Republicans had six years to make it happen. The list of wasted opportunity is mind-numbing. They failed. That is reality. Denying the illness only delays the cure.

Who is expected to suffer under the Obama administration? Those in the professional class and businesses just above struggling. Reality check - this same group is suffering now - their portfolios have taken a beating and their businesses have slipped to struggling or worse.

A thought provoking (long) opinion piece by George Packer at The New Yorker:

The New Liberalism: How the Economic Crisis Can Help Obama Redefine the Democrats, by George Packer

Concludes . . .

But November 4, 2008, is one of those infrequent dates when one historical age and one generation, with a distinct political and economic and cultural character, gave way to another age, another generation. The new era that is about to begin under President Obama will be more about public good than about private goods. The meal will be smaller, and have less interesting flavors, but it will be shared more fairly. The great American improvisation called democracy still bends along the curve of history. It has not yet finished astounding the world.

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