Friday, October 03, 2008

Stop the "Bailout"

Yesterday, I faxed my Congressman, Dan Lungren, who voted in favor of the initial Bailout. I asked him to not vote for the Bailout + Pork. If the Bailout is critical, why the Pork? 

This morning blogan called it like it is: 

I’m not an economist nor do I play one on TV. I offer no expert opinion on the credit crunch. All I know is what I see in congress.

In times of true national crisis, congress puts aside party politics and does what’s right for the country. In times of crisis, congress is filled with patriots, not politicians.

And congress, with economic advisers on staff who know stuff, is not acting as if we’re in a national crisis. Rather than pass the bailout bill last Friday, the House or Representatives postured and pontificated and pointed fingers and ultimately voted no. Pundits claimed the bill was unpopular. Popular opinion be damned — in serious times congress acts serious, and yet it didn’t. These must not be serious times.

This week, I see more political posturing. I see piles of pork. I see tons of tax cuts.

If a bill’s not worth passing without “incentives,” it’s not worth passing at all. Vote it down!

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