Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Starbucks Gold - I got mine

It arrived in the mail today: 

[Update 1: Here is a link to register your card starbucksgold.com]

[Update 2: Reminder: you can only have three gift cards registered at Starbucks.com - including your new Starbucks Gold. Before attempting to register your new Starbucks Gold, make sure you only have two registered at Starbucks.com  - the system hangs up when you attempt to unregister a card from the Starbucks Gold menu.]

[Update 3: Please be sure to ask for your receipt when you use your Gold Card. I have used my Gold Card 5 times. Not one cashier knew what to do with it. There is a Gold Card button they must use for you to get your discount. Check your receipt. It will show a club discount if your purchase is entered correctly.]


You're in for a treat. A few weeks ago, you became a member of Starbucks Gold. Today you're among the very first people to receive your new Card and all the benefits that come with Gold Status.

Starbucks Gold is the Card for people who really love their Starbucks. You're the heart and soul of our day, our week, our month. So we wanted to show you our appreciation in ways both big and small. A member-only discount. A distinctive Card. And exclusive benefits once you register, like friends and family days and a free drink on your birthday. Welcome to Starbucks Gold.

Whenever you visit Starbucks, present this Card for your 10% member discount. And don't forget to register your Card at starbucksgold.com, because that's where you unlock all the other exclusive member benefits and learn about the details.

As you look through your member booklet, you'll find a few extra treats. We call them Guest Passes that you can share with co-workers, friends, anyone you think deserves a little special treatment. We're grateful to have customers like you. I hope you enjoy Starbucks Gold and all that comes with it.


Brad Stevens
vice president, Customer Relationship Management


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link - the search engine does not take me to the gold site and my type in address bar does not work.
Did you notice the fine print that says it costs $25 a year to have the card - somehow I feel less special.

Anonymous said...

Although I'd prefer no membership fee, a $25 annual membership is easily recovered by the savings.

Run over to a Costco and you can purchase $100.00 of gift cards for $79.99. Transfer the cards to your Gold Card and you nearly paid for your annual membership.

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