Friday, October 03, 2008

Main Street to Wall Street

My apologies . . . but it is what it is.

Working in the Historic District in Folsom, California, places my office near residences. As I walked out the door last evening I saw a neighbor in his garage, skill saw in hand. After pleasantries, he volunteered that his employer had laid off 1/2 of the workforce. He was still working, but about 75% time.

I asked him what he thought of the Bailout. I got an ear full. In short, the sign below summarizes his thoughts.

There is a serious disconnect in the minds of Main Street America and what Congress and President Bush et al. believe needs to be done for Wall Street. When Congress needs Pork to pass the Bailout bill, it isn't difficult to understand why.

Either Congress is selfish, stupid or economic Pearl Harbor really wasn't just across the reef. Perhaps, the three are not mutually exclusive?


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