Thursday, October 16, 2008

Great conversation at Starbucks?

Starbucks employs some bright people who sensed the great unwashed caffeine addicts would, if asked, suggest improvements to the Starbucks experience and My Starbucks Idea was born.

My Starbucks Idea has reportedly collected over 55,000 submissions since its launch in March. 

One poster, conniemx, suggested that Starbucks
" . . use the power of media and wireless new media in particular to foster a sense of conversation about the arts, current events, etc. In other words to stimulate Starbucks patrons that wish to interact as part of a 21st century "cafe society" such as they have in Europe traditionally - people gathering together to discuss the arts, world events and culture."
To that end, Starbucks created a community they named The Good Sheet "A weekly series breaking down an important issue to help make sense of the world around us."

This week It's the Economy, Stupid!

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