Saturday, October 18, 2008

And on the Rambus Inc. front

Federal Trade Commission Authorizes Rambus to Receive Withheld Royalties

Jolly good.
"The Commission's order confirms that we are able to receive the royalty payments that were withheld as a result of the Commission's prior orders," said Tom Lavelle, senior vice president and general counsel for Rambus. "With the FTC's orders vacated, we are able to receive the royalties that we negotiate in good faith with our licensees or prospective licensees."
No word whether the political hacks at the FTC will continue wasting taxpayer money with their shape-shifting legal theories . . .

Read the Rambus press release here.

Update 1:

Reporting by the Rambus Free Press covering the case management conference for the consolidated trial is posted on the IV Rambus board - tdox (short and sweet) and drive1968 (detailed). 

That snoring you hear, the Rambus Free Press taking a catnap while waiting for the Honorable Judge Whyte to dip his pen and sign something, anything. 

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