Thursday, October 09, 2008

America needs a hero

Paging Warren Buffett.  
Paging Warren Buffett. 
Mr. Buffett, please pick up the red phone in the basement.

The US financial crisis is viral and may soon become pandemic. No nation is immune.

Warren Buffett is a revered investor and household name in America. Politics aside, no leader in America has the ability to instill confidence in the financial arena like Mr. Buffett - he has earned his credibility and literally, has capital to burn.

America, yes the world, desperately needs Mr. Buffett to make a financial statement. Not for profit, but for stability.

Mr. Buffett, please call Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California. 

Tell Governor Schwarzenegger, that you believe in the honest, hardworking American people - even those in California. Invite Mr. Schwarzenegger to drop by and pick up a check for $7,000,000,000 - as a six month loan, at say 2.99%.

Mr. Buffett, here is an opportunity to make a statement - not just a profit. 

You can't take it with you, but you could be the hero that turns the financial markets face up again.

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