Saturday, September 20, 2008

Joe's Links

Hynix Semiconductor will have closed all its 200-mm wafer fabs by the end of September 2008 to "improve its financial stability and focus on profitability. Read more at EDN.

SEMI reports that the August book-to-bill ratio of North America-based manufacturers of semiconductor equipment was 0.83 for a total of $884 million in orders. Read more at Tech-on!

And from Delaware, Rambus Free Press reporter dfwl28 adding color to the 9/19/08 MU v. RMBS hearing:

"Stone on the other hand opened his presentation with an immediate spot on documented rebuttal of a Price cheap shot that accused Stone of misstating the law on the issue of MU's evidentiary burden in this case. Stone shot that slur down very effectively and in such a way that HJR had to be put on notice IMO that Price's representations ought not be taken at face value and that he (Price) was capable of committing in her courtroom the very offense he had just accused Stone of trying to foist on the court."

Read the complete post (261318) from the IV Board here.

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