Monday, September 29, 2008

Hager / Currin growing weary of Rambus management?

Rick Currin writing for The Hager Technology Team (9.29.08): 

Most troubling in our viewpoint is the fact that Rambus has been unsuccessful in approaching the memory controller segment with licensing. While the situation with the DRAM manufacturers likely requires either a crippling injunction or a longer term strangle created by the Rambus antirust (sic) suit, Rambus should be able to license memory controller companies that make up the far greater number of parties utilizing their technology. The fact that they have had so little success points to a failure of the management team to materialize new business more than a failure of the legal system to deliver a final leverage inducing outcome. (Emphasis mine.)

And later . . .

At minimum several agreements in principle should have already been established in the controller area.
Still later . . .

Our view is that Rambus needs to get the controller market in line or expand its actions on the legal front in those areas.
And finally  . . .

 . . . we encourage management to be more diligent in addressing available revenues in the controller market despite the state of finalization of the FTC case.
The Hager Technology Team remains on The ramBus viewing the long term prospects in the litigation as "quite good".

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It is Donkey's opinion that Rambus management, having the proverbial end-of-the-rainbow in sight in the form of an injunction against Hynix and a damages calculation, is less motivated to settle or sign potentially below market license agreements. Rather, choosing to wait for Judge Whyte to set the floor.

I applaud taking no prisoners. Particularly as member of the cartel continues to name call, referring to Rambus as a Patent Troll in the New York Times

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