Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dear Judge Whyte

Respectfully, yes, very respectfully I draw your attention to the Rambus Inc. litigation pending in your court.

As you well know, at the front of the line, by its own choice is Hynix.

I respectfully submit that it is time to lop off the proverbial head of Hynix, whether or not Samsung, Micron and Nanya are soon to follow or merely sitting on "death row" soiling their clothes as they wait for their potential date with the executor.

It is extremely difficult to understand how any resemblance of justice is possible when entire presidential terms pass without these matters concluding.

Even a cursory glance at your public calendar tells me that you are an extremely busy man. I don’t wish to take up your valuable time. I only ask, respectfully, that you please dispense justice.

Sincerely yours,

Any Donkey

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