Friday, August 22, 2008

Joe's Links

Sony has plans to bring out a new Playstation 3 in time for the year end holidays. The new PS3 will sport a 160 GB hard drive and come bundled with Drake's Fortune for a few bits under $500. The Inquirer's spin.

The US Labor Department announced that jobless benefits claims dropped 13,000 last week and Rambus Inc. announced it would add 90 to the unemployed list. Yahoo!

Semico pimping its study DDR3 and the Rambus Tipping Point. I haven't read the report, but this caught my attention:

Semico has neither the legal expertise nor the desire to comment on these ongoing cases.
Then what exactly does the study offer of value beyond the following "free" statement:

“Regardless of the severity of the outcome, we believe that the majority of the disruption will fall on the price and availability of DDR3,” stated Bob Merritt, VP of Memory at Semico.
Interesting piece from Texas Lawyer on the slowing rocket docket. Lawyer, Steven R. Daniels, notes that asking the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to re-examine the patent "takes about two years from the time the office grants a petition for a re-examination to make a final determination."

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