Monday, August 04, 2008

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Mark LePedus writing for EE Times reports that analyst Doug Freedman of American Technology Research Inc. believes that AMD will sell its consumer electronics TV business Broadcom.

''We believe that Broadcom is a likely candidate to acquire AMD's consumer TV business for about $250-$375 million as it has a comfort level and history with integrating former ATI products and management,'' said analyst Doug Freedman of American Technology Research Inc., in a report.
Powertech Technology (PTI) company chairman DK Tsai projects flat pricing of DRAM in the second half of 2008.

PC sales hot in Western Europe reports Personal Computer World:

Sales in the UK, Germany and France increased by more than 20 per cent, pushing growth to its highest level since 1999.
MFFAIS reports that more funds are buying Rambus Inc. than are selling:

With 44.14% of owning funds reported recently buying shares, 18.01% maintaining existing share level and 37.83% selling shares.
NVIDIA not quitting chipset market. Despite reports to the contrary. Well, somebody is lying, err mistaken.

Nokia and Qualcomm have kissed and made up, thrilling Qualcomm investors.

Rambus Inc. investors, handicapping the plethora of litigation on Rambus's plate note that:
1) Terms were not disclosed
2) Judge delayed trial (one day)
3) Qualcomm delayed release of Q3 financial results (one day) prior to settlement
4) Litigation was "bitter" and "last nearly three years and spanned several continents"
5) Qualcomm share price jumped nearly 18%

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