Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rambus Slams Cartel Escape Door

Long has been the fear that Micron, Hynix or Samsung or some other infringing corporation would squirrel a deal and lap up the Qimonda DRAM business and escape a debt to Rambus exceeding a billion dollars . . .

Well, that just isn't going to happen - at least for "certain competitors" - now that Qimonda and Rambus have inked and announced an amendment to their current patent license agrement.

This amendment extends the minimum term of the original patent license agreement, but specifies that in the event Infineon ceases to control or otherwise own a majority of Qimonda shares, certain competitors would not accede to the license upon their acquisition of control of Qimonda or a majority of Qimonda shares. The amendment further provides that any such acquirer would generally not acquire the benefit of a release from Rambus for past damages, including past infringement of Rambus' patent portfolio.
Harold Hughes - yes, Mr. Hughes deserves some credit because he receives the abuse when things aren't going well - and The Gang pulled the elephant out of the hat.

Rambus Inc.

Wondering if Micron will see some changes in the C Suites before long? You know, retiring for personal reasons . . . time with the family . . . escape to another planet . . .

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