Sunday, July 20, 2008

NukeJohn's Authority

I once received an email with a link to a post by NukeJohn on the RMBS board at IV wherein the sender (a long term long or "LTL") opined:

1) The post was another from the line of the infamous Perfect Storm and Never Again under $30.00 posts, and

2) If NukeJohn posted 50 telephone numbers from a random telephone directory, the post would receive a dozen recommends or "recs" from clueless Ramboids.

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I reviewed the last 50 posts by NukeJohn, counting the total number of links within the 50 and the total number of recs and then graphed them. See below - click on graph to enlarge.

A couple notes:

1) There were multiple links within some posts. Each link was added to the total.

2) The recs change over time. Likely, the total recs for the 50 posts has increased subsequent to the harvesting of the data.

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