Monday, July 21, 2008

Joe's Links

Schaefer notes that Rambus is skewed towards puts.

Seeking Alapha refers to Rambus a "universally hated extortionist". The author is long NVDA and opines:

Nonetheless, it is not in Rambus’s own interest to demand fees that would make it uneconomical for a company to make its product, or severely compromise the competitive position of a company, and the impact on Nvidia will probably be minor.
What? Is Nvidia going to simply stop making product? Fat chance.

The Ramboids comment. Likely, beyond the comprehension of a author who acknowledges in his post "The legal case is complicated and turns on obscure points of technology . . ." Perhaps the author would be wise to sell Nvidia until finding such time and intellect to allow comprehension?

IV post by btburn03 quoting Dr. Teece's report:

My overall conclusion can be briefly summarized as follows. For DDR+ SDRAM, a 7% "reasonable royalty" (calculated on a royalty base of worldwide DDR sales) for a "compulsory license" limited to Rambus' Patents-in-Suit would be appropriate, if not conservative.
IV post by AlphaOmega (Now God is posting about Rambus? Sorry just couldn't resist) quoting at length BSW research note targeting RMBS $14-$15 on the downside and $22-$25 on the upside.

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