Friday, May 09, 2008

Rambus Inc. - consultant absent

Harold Hughes, current Rambus Inc. Chief Executive Officer, was unable to feel The Force today during the annual meeting of shareholders.

Rambus, riding high after a series of stunning legal victories was unable to communicate to its long suffering shareholders how Rambus planned to parlay victory into dollars.

The Rodney King message Rambus style . . . "Can't we just be friends? We can help you make your products, better, faster, cheaper if you only give Rambus a try. Please, pretty please. Can't we be friends now?"

On a brighter note . . . Rambus announced that Bruce Dunlevie has been appointed Chairman of the Rambus Board of Directors. Dunlevie an original LTL, has served as a member of the Rambus Board since the Company was founded in 1990.

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