Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Sophos compiles a daily list of the top 10 hoaxes.

Treowth includes Sophos in links list.

Sophos site notes:

Many virus hoaxes:

Falsely claim to describe an extremely dangerous virus

Use pseudo-technical language to make impressive-sounding (but impossible) claims

Falsely claim that the report was issued or confirmed by a well-known company

Ask you to forward it to all your friends and colleagues

As usual, you are urged not to pass on warnings of this kind, as the continued re-forwarding of these hoaxes simply wastes time and email bandwidth.

It is possible that you may receive a hoax via email with a file attached. Obviously, such file attachments should be treated with caution as they may be virus infected.

Sophos recommends deleting virus hoax emails, whether they contain file attachments or not.

Sophos suggests a policy to help prevent hoaxes from spreading in your company.

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