Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Joe's Links

Hynix Semiconductor has commenced shipping a 1 Gigabit mobile chip - LPDDR2. More at the Inquirer

Spring 2008 IDF attendees viewed Hynix Semiconductor's Metaram, a 1GBit DDR3 chip in an 8GB two-rank DIMM. More at the Inquirer

Rambus Inc. court happenings posted at the Rambus IV Board courtesy of longram7yrs.

Best performing last week and furthest above 50-day moving average at Seeking Alpha. Micron Technology Inc. up nearly 24% and Rambus Inc. up nearly 27% above its 50-day moving average. One has to wonder . . .

Elpida Memory Inc. has received Intel's blessing via validation for its next-generation main memory DDR3 SO-DIMM.

Toshiba Corporation is shipping the SpursEngine SE100, a high-performance stream processor which integrates four Synergistic Processing Element (SPE) cores derived from the "Cell Broadband Engine". More at I4U News, pictures and short video of SpursEngine at CeBIT 2008.

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