Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Power of Words - The Obama Facade

Empiricum - Guest Editorial

Words can be powerful tools even when delivered by a staccato speaker like BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Add a few embellishments and those words can be so mesmerizing as to induce the listeners into euphoria. Soothing words that put a veil on demagoguery on such sensitive subject as racial inequality and injustice could be received as inspiring and uplifting.

Such was the case of Obama's "major speech" on race that he delivered the other day. Or at least that was the growing consensus of the liberal press on that "speech" --- which actually was Obama's defense of his good friend, Pastor Jeremiah Wright.

In my last post about the Obamas, I put into perspective Michelle Obama's "virgin patriotism" in light of Wright's anti-American remarks. Add to that Barack's refusal to wear a flag pin on his lapel and one can conclude that these are probably the results of 20 years of indoctrination from Wright!

Barack's campaign theme of racial unity has in fact caused racial divisiveness. Case in point is the primary election results in Mississippi. And more is brewing in Florida and Michigan. And after the general elections, if he becomes the Democratic Party’s standard bearer, racial divisiveness could envelop the entire nation!

It is time that the bigwigs of the Democratic Party in particular, and the American people in general, to be more discerning and careful with this pretentious and overly ambitious aspirant for the most powerful office on Earth . . . before it's too late!

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