Thursday, March 27, 2008

Micron takes the Einstein approach

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
--Albert Einstein, German-born Swiss-American physicist

Imagination . . .

Micron believes that Rambus has engaged in a pattern of deception, destruction of evidence, false testimony and other improper activities designed to mislead and to extract unjust patent licensing fees and damages. We will continue to vigorously advance our claims that Rambus has engaged in a variety of illegal activities designed to injure Micron,” said Rod Lewis, Micron’s Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel.

Knowledge . . .

Rambus Inc. (Nasdaq:RMBS) today announced . . . The jury determined that Rambus acted properly while a member of the standard-setting organization JEDEC during its participating in the early 1990s, finding that the memory manufacturers did not meet their burden of proving antitrust and fraud claims. This verdict should complete the case involving Hynix. Hynix was found by a previous jury in April 2006 to infringe a variety of Rambus patents. In that phase of trial, Rambus was awarded $133.6M in damages.

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