Thursday, March 06, 2008

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Sony & Microsoft talk Blu-ray for Xbox 360.

iSuppli predicts Wii owners will by PS3 come Christmas 2009.

War correspondent frfrittz66 reports from the San Jose front with flair:

I've noticed that a typical exchange in cross examination goes like this:

Attorney: Mr. X, you have said such and such... Is this correct?
Witness: Yes.
Attorney: OK. Then, you also said blah blah blah ...

Here, the attorney has some line of story to tell to the jury and the conversation goes one step at a time. Here, Mr. Tabrizi should assume that every step in Mr. Stone's interrogation has been carefully prepared.

Of course, Mr. Stone does not show his hand in advance. So, the witness should be careful what he is agreeing with. But, in general, it is safe to say "yes". Or, at least, he should leave an escape route when he disagrees.

Early in the morning, Mr. Tabrizi made a few small mistakes on this aspect.

Mr. Stone: "You have said JEDEC was very small cozy group, have you not?
Mr. Tabrizi: [out loud, defiantly] "No, I have not!!!"
(Here, I was thinking "why was he challenging Mr. Stone like that?")
Mr. Stone: "Please look at March 2001 deposition, page 18-19..."
Mr. Tabrizi: [in low voice] "... out of context ... just three words ..."

It's not a huge point. But, it shows (to the jurors) that Mr. Stone has gone through a tremendous amount of preparation for every word he speaks. In comparison, all of Rambus' opponents look sloppy and not effective at all.

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