Friday, February 01, 2008

How do it know?

There was a pause in the action at the Taterbarn today as Larry, the Vet, fed the one dollar bills into the bowling machine for the two dollar winner take all game. Henry, a giant of a man, whose speech is afflicted by a cleft palate, but whose winsome wit is unparalleled, suddenly boomed "You know, boys, the thermos bottle is a wondrous, wondrous thing."

Gesturing from his corner seat at the L shaped bar, he continued "You get up in the winter and you fill it with hot coffee and the thermos keeps it hot all day. You get up in the summer and you fill it with cold iced tea and it keeps it cold all day. The thing is, boys, how do it know?"

The stunned, awed silence in the bar wasn't broken ‘til Larry piped up with "Bowler number one is up."

Submitted by The Wizard of Pinehurst.

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