Monday, February 18, 2008

Hager / Currin

2/18/08 is all about Rambus Inc. summarizing the litigation in Judge Whyte's courtroom:
In the end the wanton incorporation into DDR2 and DDR3 should sink the DRAM manufactures with the jury just as it did with McGuire. The idea of backward “compatibility” of DDR3 to DDR2 to DDR to SDRAM is easily thrown on the growing pile of nonsense. The myth that “we would have switched had we known” becomes too obvious to anyone paying attention. At some point the answer to the question of why the technologies are being used becomes just too obvious …and it has zero to do with JEDEC or disclosure.

“someday all computers will be built like this, hopefully without royalties to Rambus”

That infamous quote from Infineon paints the picture Stone is painting for the jury. Sometimes it’s nice to have their email too.
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