Tuesday, January 15, 2008

US Tax Court misses its target

The goal is to "communicate more effectively with its practitioners . . ." So said the Clerk of the Tax Court in his letter of January 10, 2008.

Failure by a practitioner to update his or her profile within 30 days will result in the practitioner being placed on "inactive status". That is enough to get Any Donkey's attention.

With the court supplied User Name and Password I attempted to log into the Practitioner Services zone of the US Tax Court site.

Nice try. Password invalid.

Okay, let's ask for a new password.

Nice try. User unknown.

The final paragraph . . .

Please invest a few moments to take the steps necessary to remain in active status as a Tax Court practitioner and to obtain the benefits of electronic communication with the Tax Court. Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

Email to webmaster . . .


Webmaster solved the problem. It was me. Assigned password contained a letter "O" not a zero. Duh!

Politely suggested to webmaster that the audience / user might be easily confused . . .

Tail between legs.

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