Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rambus Inc. executives bonus time

Are shareholders ever happy when executives receive a bonus? Honestly, I doubt it.

As a Rambus Inc. shareholder, I noted with interest the SEC filing setting forth the latest round of compensation for those with the nice offices. My initial thought was "why now"?

Likely, the compensation committee recently met and simply decided to bite the bullet - despite the fact that the share price is down, no recent licensing announced, and the litigation on all fronts still in the air.

I clicked over to the IV board and the usual crowd of bashers faithfully piled on the "C" suite occupants and their posse. Reflexive and without evidence of thought. And then, the reports from the Hynix v Rambus court hearing were posted and the piddling $650K +/- in bonus dough was forgotten as the Ramboids focused on what really matters.

Maybe the executives at Rambus Inc. have learned a thing or two about timing?

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