Friday, December 21, 2007

Larry's dividend

I attended Rambus Inc.'s annual shareholder meeting earlier this week. Overall, a positive experience. It was time well spent. I await a request from corporate for an evaluation. It will cost an autographed bottle of Coke . . .

A member of the Pinehurst Thread requested that I pick up his "croissant dividend" and ship it. That didn't happen, but I did snag a couple of Cokes. One to collect dust on a shelf in my office and one for Larry. I will bring it to Cabo . . .

I had intended to bring a Sharpie and if Coke was served, to ask HH if he would sign the bottle. Now that would have been a conversation piece, right up there with the rock that I acquired while in Rome and the thank you note from Forrest Gump. Maybe next time.

Larry, pictured is your Coke. I found an empty surface - not in my office! - grabbed my phone and clicked. Heck of a lot better than a croissant!

HT HH for serving Coke after your infamous Coke comment at the last shareholder meeting . . . the humor wasn't lost on me.

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