Monday, December 31, 2007

Rambus Inc. Song of the Day

First, a Happy and Healthy New Year to all !!
I can't wish for a prosperous New Year -- we all own Rambus
In 2007, Rambus management simply destroyed the share price with:
-- insane* options backdating (*criminal?)
-- dragging their feet as long as possible in restating financials
-- blowing smoke about license signings that never materialized
-- puffing up guidance and then pulling it pack just before the shareholder meeting
In summary, there was absolute non-support of shareholders in 2007.
I hope, in 2008, they don't ..........
"Do It Again" by Steely Dan (1972)
Can't Buy A Thrill
Can't Buy A Thrill -- Steely Dan
Submitted by FinzToRite.

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