Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rohane repays loan

In March '07 Rohane received a $425.00 loan from Kiva. Any Donkey, who was one of Rohane's micro-lenders, received notification that Rohane has repaid his loan in full in a timely fashion.

We are very pleased to notify you that the business you have loaned to,
Rohane Mohammad Haidar, has repaid the full amount of this loan
$425.00. The payment was collected and deposited by Ariana Financial
Services - Mercy Corps.

Congratulations Rohane!

You too can become a micro-lender and maybe make a difference in the life of somebody.

Rohane's story:

Rohane was born in 1969 and lives in a household of 17 in district 11 of Kabul, Afghanistan. Rohane lost his left hand during the war and has had lots of financial problems since. He decided to start a small business in the bazaar to solve his family problems. To start off with he bought socks and hats, then he took loans through AFSG to increase his business and buy more hats, socks and t-shirts, but because there are so many family members this could not fulfill the family's financial needs. Therefore, he and his two brothers also have a second business that trades in the same products. He hopes that by selling the products, slowly, he can improve his family's financial situation.

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