Thursday, November 01, 2007

Real life

My niece Ashley is in the Dominican Republic - she decided to spend a year of her young life helping others and is working at an orphanage. Hurricane Noel hit the Dominican Republic and we have been concerned . . . her father sent the following:


Ashley has been calling us daily (or more often) as Noel has wreaked havoc in the Dominican Republic. Tonight she called to say that the proper humidity, clear skies, available electricity, and spare time have converged to equal Internet access. I have mail!

Hey Dad. I am doing well. We survived the Storm. It continued until late this morning when they decided to hold school but only for an hour and a half. Two of the teachers completely lost their homes. Others had feet and feet of water, and animals floating through their homes. The death count is 127 children, 60 women, and 30 men. Another storm is coming from the north and is expected to last two weeks. Keep us in your prayers. We are supposed to have school tomorrow but it will be a tough day. These kids have been cooped up inside for a week. Anyways, I am doing well, I'll call later, but here are some blogs concerning the storm and one from before. Love you all!


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