Friday, October 26, 2007

Rambus Inc. passes out candy

Candy, Rambus Inc. style is restricted stock units and options. Too bad for the dental profession in Los Altos - if it were real candy . . .

Satish Rishi fills his pillow case with 100,000 restricted stock units with the first 25,000 vesting in February '08 and an equal amount each following February. Heck of a good year for Satish don't you think? Form 4 explains "This RSU grant is part of Mr. Rishi's annual performance grant . . ." (Emphasis mine.) The share price closed at $19.32 on Monday . . . $1,932,000.

Thomas Lavelle raked in 40,000 restricted stock units with 10,000 vesting each hire anniversary. . . $772,800.

Scott Martin scored 20,000 restricted stock units with 5,000 vesting each hire anniversary. . . $386,400.

Been a heck of week in Los Altos . . .

Get your own candy here.

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