Friday, October 12, 2007

Rambus, fashion conscious?

Steve Tobak wonders if how you dress really matters. I know about Mr. Tobak's fashion wonderings because Google Alerts tossed them in my mailbag. No, I don't have an alert set to keep me abreast of fashion, rather the aleart if for all things Rambus Inc. The following triggered the alert:

I've noticed that some people wear the same clothes every day. Not the very same clothes ... you know what I mean. Dave Mooring - ex-president and director of Rambus - used to call it a person's uniform. . .

When I worked for Rambus CEO Geoff Tate, he only owned one tie, which he wore with his white shirt and suit. Now there's a guy who knows his fashion limitations. You got to respect that.
Now what exactly is wrong with the white shirt and tie?

Photograph from here.

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