Saturday, October 27, 2007

Joe's Links

For the charting crowd:

"So if you're long (RMBS), why not just let the stock go and wait for a better setup -- either a pullback to test support, or a breakout above resistance?"
Yahoo! Finance

For the bean counters:

"The Agreement provides Mr. Danforth will be reimbursed by Rambus for reasonable expenses incurred with any such participation. If Mr. Danforth's service as a lawyer is specifically requested, Mr. Danforth will be paid at the rate of $500 per hour." Part of John Danforth's severance agreement.
Yahoo! Finance.

From Larry Bodine Law Marketing Blog:

Research about more than 250 corporate counsel in 2007 shows 4% of corporate counsel are paying $1,000 or more, according to Michael B. Rynowecer of The BTI Consulting Group in Boston.

The law firms are in NYC, London and DC. The clients paying these rates are predominantly in the Fortune 100 and Global 500. The practices areas garnering these rates include:
M & A
Clearly, John Danforth is a bargain to Rambus Inc. at $500 per hour.

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