Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Daily Journal on John Danforth

Daily Journal Staff writer Craig Anderson "reported" on John Danforth's departure from Rambus Inc.

Mr. Anderson quoted no current or former Rambus Inc. employees. He does not quote Danforth's attorney - writing that "he could not be reached". What does that mean? Mr. Anderson attempted once, never or what?

Why no quotes? Could it be because Rambus Inc. and John Danforth signed an agreement not to disparage? Mr. Anderson failed to include that fact in his piece. I wonder if during the non disparagement negotiations Mrs. Hughes was mentioned? Another gap in "reporting" was the period of time Mr. Danforth has to cash in his earned options - apparently that was not newsworthy.

Oh yes, Mr. Anderson does quote Douglas Kelley. Ramboids know that name.

Just a Donkey's Opinion.

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