Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Joe's links

GDA says HiGig IP is available. GDA, has a special relationship with Rambus Inc. - currently as a reseller and integrator of Rambus digital core intellectual property (IP) products, which include "a complete line of controller cores for PCI Express, Ethernet, SPI4.2 and RapidIO implementations."

Back in April of 2005 RMBS announced the acquisition of GDA IP including, digital core IP compatible with PCI Express, Ethernet, SPI-4, USB and SATA protocols, products in development and noted it would be "extending offers to a number of GDA Technologies employees."

On the skeptic front:

Sony to offer a discounted malnourished version of the PS3 in Europe in time for the year end - "Christmas" for the nonPC - holidays. Sony says it is mere rumor and speculation . . .

Toshiba plans on showing off its SpursEngine in early October at Japan's CEATEC exhibition. Designed to work with Rambus Inc. XDR DRAM. Toshiba thinking that if you build 'em they will buy 'em?

Sweet memories . . .

"Some famous short squeezes of the past were Rambus in 2000, which went from $20 to $117 in a month . . ."

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