Thursday, September 27, 2007

Abraham Sofaer embarrassing Ramboids

When former federal judge, Abraham Sofaer joined the Board of Directors Rambus Inc., some thought it was to give then General Counsel John Danforth a wise friend to join for an occasional early morning coffee and add some credibility to the BOD. Before long, Sofaer waded into the deep water and was placed in charge of the internal stock options backdating investigation. As a shareholder of Rambus Inc., I remain unimpressed with the efforts of Sofaer with regard to the backdating matter. The investigation took forever. Whether Sofaer has been valuable with regard to the worldwide litigation remains to be seen. Certainly, there is no word of a member of the cartel offering unconditional surrender.

Now it is reported that the retired "His Honor" is hosting a fund raising event for Rudolph Giuliani. Just donate $9.11 to Giuliani's presidential fund. That is simply crass.

Giuliani, the man who put away Michael Milken knows crass. Read about the investigation tactics of Mr. Giuliani's office when he was a "fed" and learn for yourself what "ends justify the means" is to Mr. Giuliani. Crass from Mr. Giuliani isn't surprising to Any Donkey.

I was hoping that Sofaer possessed better judgment. Makes me wonder exactly what counsel Sofaer offers to other members of the Rambus Inc. Board of Directors . . . .

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